In this article I will show you some websites that offer free phone numbers which could be used to receive SMS online. There are situations where we do not want to provide our real phone number... for example: SMS verifications, or country restrictions (your country is not supported by specific websites). With the help of the websites listed below you are able to bypass thes kind of verifications.

Receive SMS Online

The web service offers a lot of phone numbers from more then 20 different countries. In comparison to all other "receive SMS websites" this service has the most numbers. In the moment of my test they provided over 240 temporary phone numbers. Because of this huge variety of disposable numbers you should always find the right one for your purpose. has less disposable phone numbers but all of them work fine while I tested them. They don't have such a big selection of different countries but their service is good and fast.

This is an estonian phone number provider which offers 1 - 3 numbers most of the time. The phone numbers come from from estonia only. If you are searching trash phone numbers from other nationalities then you have to choose another website.

An older phone number website but works most of the time. Not all provided numbers worked while testing them. It looks like they update their website not that often and that's why some of their numbers didn't worked well. But it is still a solid choice if you need some disposable phone numbers for receiving text messages online.

Receive SMS

Another awesome receive SMS service that offers international fake phone numbers for SMS verifications. In combination with fake emails and a proxy server your privacy will be fully safe.